Which Tarot suit of the Minor Arcana do you belong to?

Mostly A’s

Answers: Suit of Pentacles, Pentacles Court Cards, age, Knight, Queen and King of Pentacles Tarot cards

You belong to the Suit of Pentacles! Pentacles are loyal, practical, down-to-earth and reliable. They are good in business and great at achieving high status and financial success. Furthermore, they love beauty and luxury and they enjoy the finer things in life. Pentacles are grounded and steady and make excellent students. They also love nature and animals. They can be broody and sullen but they are also sensual and have a great sense of humour.

Mostly B’s

Answers: Suit of Swords, Swords Court Cards, Page, Knight, Queen and King of Swords Tarot cards

You belong to the Suit of Swords! Swords are intelligent, analytical, rational and chatty. They are brilliant academics, deep thinkers and great communicators. Furthermore, they are fair-minded and fiercely protective and will always defend those who cannot defend themselves. Swords are great conversationalists and love having intellectual debates. They can be cool and emotionally detached but they are also friendly, witty and good in a crisis.

Mostly C’s

Answers: Suit of Wands, Wands Court Cards, Page, Knight, Queen and King of Wands Tarot cards

You belong to the Suit of Wands! Wands are energetic, enthusiastic, fiery and outgoing. They are people of action and they love to move and travel. Furthermore, they are warm, fun, creative and fearless. Wands enjoy challenges, are very competitive and they love to win. They make great leaders as they are good at taking charge. They can be hot tempered and confrontational but they are also sexy, passionate and spontaneous.   

Mostly D’s

Answers: Suit of Cups, Cups Court Cards, Page, Knight, Queen and King of Cups Tarot cards

You belong to the Suit of Cups! Cups are sensitive, intuitive, emotional and compassionate. They have a great understanding of their fellow human beings and a deep desire to help those in need. Furthermore, they are artistic and gentle and have wonderful imaginations. Cups make great counsellors and healers as they have an unrivalled ability to listen and empathise with others. They can be easily hurt but they are also romantic, kind and nurturing.   

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