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The Tarot Guide has suspended all Tarot reading services and will not be accepting new Tarot bookings until further notice. Please note we will not be responding to booking queries during this time. All other queries are welcome.

You are here for a reason

So, you are ready to take control of your destiny! Brilliant! But first, before we get into how I can help you transform your life, I want to share my Tarot reading style with you. I want to ensure that we are a good fit, so we can work together to get you to where you want to be. My focus is not on simply telling you what you want to hear. If that’s what you’re looking for, then I’m not the right Tarot Reader or Healer for you.

I help my clients to overcome challenges, side-step disasters, gain insight into situations and grab happiness with both hands. My purpose is to lead you to your correct path, help you heal any wounds, highlight any roadblocks you may face and to guide you to the best possible outcome. My focus is always on giving you guidance and solutions that are uniquely right for you and your soul’s life purpose.  

Sound like the right fit for you? Great, let’s talk!

Personal Tarot Readings

It’s amazing how some challenges and changes in life can affect us, make us feel frustrated, lost, confused or simply overwhelmed by the choices in front of us. This can drain our energy and leave us unsure of how to move forward. Whether it’s relationships, career, family, friends, finances, day-to-day issues, deeper uncertainty about our life path or just feeling stuck in a rut, we all run into setbacks when we are trying to reach our goals. A  Personal Tarot Reading with me is the perfect way to get started on overcoming those obstacles and to get the clarity and motivation you need to jump into your destiny.

If you like your Tarot readings live and interactive, a 60-minute Skype/WhatsApp reading is a great option! If that doesn’t suit, don’t worry! All my Online Tarot Reading options are listed below so you are bound to find a Tarot reading that suits you!   

Online Tarot Reading Options

Skype/ WhatsApp / Phone Tarot Readings

An opportunity to have a one-to-one reading with me without having to leave the house (bonus!). Skype Tarot Readings and WhatsApp Tarot Readings are live and interactive! I want you to get the most benefit out of your reading. As such, I offer set durations, set fees and no hidden charges. So, you don’t have to worry about running up a nasty pay per-minute bill and can focus on receiving the guidance you need! Standard sessions are 60 minutes long and allow us to explore as many topics or questions as time allows or to look indepth at a topic. 30 minute sessions are available for brief single topic or single question readings only. Simply select the appropriate duration when booking: 

  • 60 Minute Skype/Whatsapp/Phone Reading 
    EUR: €154.98/ USD: $165.97/ GBP: £133.14 (including VAT)
  • 30 Minute Skype/Whatsapp/Phone Reading (single topic or question only)
    EUR: €77.49 / USD: $82.98 / GBP: £66.57 (including VAT) 

Phone Tarot Readings are available for clients on Republic of Ireland mobile phone numbers and are audio-only. Skype/WhatsApp are available for both local and international clients.

The Important Details:

30 minute readings are restricted to one topic OR one question. If you have multiple questions about a particular issue or if you have multiple topics you wish to cover (e.g. love and career), you must book a 60 minute reading. Readings cannot be extended once booked so please book the appropriate duration for your requirments. When you book you will be asked to pick a preferred date/time for the reading, however dates & times are subject to availability & cannot be guaranteed. Readings are available Mon-Friday 15:00 – 19:00hrs Irish time. You will be contacted within 3 business days to arrange a suitable date and time for your appointment. You must have a reliable internet connection and a valid Skype ID, WhatsApp number or Irish mobile number. Secure payments via Paypal, credit card or debit card. 

Skype Tarot Readings
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Email Tarot

Email Tarot Readings are an incredibly easy way to get the in-depth guidance you need on the most important topics or questions. You don’t even have to attend your reading! Simply decide how many topics or questions you’d like your reading to focus on (maximum of three). Then book the appropriate reading to cover them. I will send you a detailed and insightful reading that will cover the factors affecting your situation, the obstacles and opportunities involved and guidance on how to achieve the best possible outcome. All you have to do is book. Then send me your question(s) and a couple of details and I will do the rest! I offer the following email reading options:

  • One Topic/Question
    EUR: €132.84 / USD: $142.26 / GBP: £114.12 (including VAT) 
  • Two Topics/Questions
    EUR €265.68 / USD $284.52 / GBP £228.24 (including VAT) 
  • Three Topics/Questions
    EUR €332.10 / USD $355.65 / GBP £285.30 (including VAT)

 + As an Extra Special Bonus, one and two topic/question readings include a month-by-month forecast for the next 6 months. Three topic/ question readings include a 12 month forecast.  

The Important Details:

While email readings are generally sent within 12 business days, they may take up to 15 business days during peak periods. Requests for updates within this timeframe will no be answered. Email readings are charged per question OR topic. No extra questions or topics are allowed beyond the quantity booked. If you request a general life reading, you must book the Three Topics/Questions reading. Furthermore, you must specify which three life areas you want the reading to focus on (e.g. love, career, finances etc). If you feel that you need to cover more questions than an email reading allows, a 60 minute Skype, WhatsApp or Telephone Tarot Reading may be more suited to your needs. To book, simply click on your preferred currency, complete the form & pay the secure payment by Paypal, credit card or debit card.

Email Tarot Readings
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If you have any questions not covered by our FAQs or if you would like to check availability before booking, please use the contact form below:

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