Tarot Flashcards

Small version of The Fool Tarot Flashcard. The flashcard is yellow with a purple border, it shows The Fool Tarot card from the classic Rider Waite deck in an upright and reversed position. To the side of the card images the upright and reversed tarot keyword meanings are listed.

Our Major and Minor Arcana flashcards are an easy way to learn how to read Tarot like a professional Tarot reader. I’ve designed keyword flashcards for the upright and reversed card meanings for the Major Arcana and the four suits of the Minor Arcana: Cups, Pentacles, Swords and Wands.  

Why use Tarot flashcards?

Learning how to read Tarot should be organic and fun, and the Tarot flashcards are the perfect tool for this! They are designed to create a visual prompt between the Tarot card meanings you are learning and the imagery of the cards themselves. They are a great tool for beginners and those looking to expand their existing knowledge of the cards alike.

How to use the Tarot flashcards

Let’s start with what NOT to do. Firstly, as you learn Tarot, don’t try to memorise the card meanings (no, not even the keyword meanings!). Trying to recall something you’ve memorised can limit your intuition and interpretation of the cards during a reading. It’s a bad habit that could stunt your readings further down the line. Aside from that, memorised meanings have a tendency to escape a reader when they feel under pressure. You could spend all your time memorising, only to draw a blank during a reading. Building associations with the imagery itself, instead of memorising the meanings, will not only prevent this. It will also allow you to remain receptive to new insights about the cards as you read them.

If you are a complete beginner, start by familiarising yourself with just one keyword from each flashcard. Look at the imagery on the card and choose the keyword that you feel matches the imagery best. Then put a simple reading together based on the keywords you remember (you’ll find a really easy Three-Card Tarot Spread here to get started with).

Once you’ve put your own interpretation together, click on the flashcard to go to the full Tarot card meaning page for that card. There you’ll find deeper insights into the cards you just pulled. Don’t worry if you forget the keywords or meanings at first! As you practice putting your own Tarot readings together, you will naturally build your associations with each card.

More experienced readers will probably already be familiar with some of the keywords. If so, familiarise yourself with the ones you hadn’t considered before. Then proceed to the full meaning pages.

Select the Major Arcana or a suit of the Minor Arcana below to get started!