Psychic Development Training

How to Use Your Psychic Abilities – A Beginner’s Guide

Psychic Development from the Tarot Guide: Astral Projection, Grounding, Opening up your third eye, Connecting with your spirit guides, Closing down, Psychic Dreams, Psychic Protection, Channeling, Spirit Animals, totems, Universal signs
In this section, we’ll cover:
  • What psychic development is
  • Why psychic training is important
  • Intuition and natural ability
  • The difference between intuition and psychic ability
  • What mediumship is
  • An overview of psychic training
  • The Psychic Development menu (where you can get started on our psychic training exercises)

Introduction: What is Psychic Development?

One of the most important aspects of learning how to read Tarot is developing and training your psychic abilities. Psychic development is the cultivation and refinement of innate intuitive abilities and extrasensory perceptions beyond the ordinary five senses. It encompasses a wide range of practices aimed at unlocking and enhancing one’s psychic potential, often for the purpose of gaining insights, guidance, healing, or spiritual growth.

Psychic Training – Why Psychic Development Matters!

Firstly, let’s get the obvious out of the way. It is possible to read Tarot cards without using psychic abilities. Most people could learn the card meanings, pull a few cards, and string a basic reading together. You may even get insight into your situation. However, asking if psychic ability is important to Tarot reading is kind of like asking: “Do you need a sense of taste to be a chef?”. Well, no, technically, you don’t. You could learn basic cooking skills, buy ingredients, and throw some meals together. However, without a good sense of taste or a flair for flavour, you are unlikely to be winning any Michelin stars or delighting anyone’s taste buds anytime soon!

The same applies to Tarot and your psychic senses. Your psychic ability is what will set your readings apart and create the real jaw-dropping moments in a Tarot reading. It allows you to pick up on the important issues, choose the correct meanings, create a flow to your readings, and move outside the confines of set interpretations to get unique insights. And I’m not even talking about future predictions here. There are plenty of Tarot readers who choose to steer clear of predictions altogether. There are also many who reject the term “psychic” because they don’t like the stigma associated with it. However, to pull out the deeper insights, clarity and meanings, and get the little nuanced details that resonate for each unique reading, psychic power, intuition, divine inspiration.. or whatever you want to call it, is KEY!

Intuition and Natural Psychic Ability

Almost everyone is born with some degree of intuitive ability or natural psychic ability. This ability is frequently seen in young children. At some point during childhood, many of us block this ability. The older we get, the more conscious we become that others can’t see what we see, or sense what we sense. Adults in our lives may tell us we are imagining things or that we are too sensitive, so we stop trusting our abilities. We learn to block them to such a degree that, by the time we’re adults, many of us don’t even remember that we had them to begin with. We may, as adults, still have occasional bouts of intuition, but write them off as coincidence. If we do remember our childhood abilities, we may put them down to silly childhood imagination, rather than a sixth sense.

Intuition Vs Psychic: What’s the difference?

Many people use the terms interchangeably (I often do myself!). Intuition is an innate sense of knowing, a gut feeling, or subtle instinctive insight that arises spontaneously without conscious reasoning. For example: You usually drive the same route home every day. Suddenly, one day you feel really strongly that you shouldn’t go that way but you don’t know why. You take a different route home and, when you get there, you see on the news that a crash caused huge tailbacks on your normal route. That’s intuition.

Psychic ability is the ability to perceive information beyond the ordinary senses. Psychics possess extrasensory abilities that enable us to see, feel, hear, sense, and know things that others cannot perceive or that cannot be explained by natural laws. If psychic and intuitive abilities sound similar, it’s because they are! Psychics ARE intuitive. The difference is they’ve trusted their ability enough to develop it and take it to the next level!

OK, I’m Intuitive. Am I Psychic?

The biggest difference between being intuitive and being psychic is your willingness to be open to your potential and work on developing your abilities. So, by even asking that question, you’re already off to a great start! Most people accept that intuition is a natural part of being human, but the same people will often balk at the idea of having psychic powers. I’ve seen so many people have their intuition turn out to be correct. They’ll jokingly say “Maybe I’m psychic too!”. To which my answer is usually “Well yes! You could be if you trusted your intuition more and put the work in!”.

How Do I Become Psychic?

Psychics are simply those who have released their self-doubt enough to take their natural intuitive ability and develop it, be it through psychic development exercises, psychic training courses, working with the various clair senses, meditation practices, Tarot reading, energy work, working with the chakras, the list goes on and on. Like building muscle at the gym, the more you lean into your abilities the more they grow. The more faith and trust you place in the spiritual realm, the more it will open up for you.

What about Mediumship?

Just like many people have a natural psychic ability, some are born with the ability to connect to spirits who have left the physical world. Psychic mediums are those who can use their psychic abilities, not only to gain insight and information beyond normal perception, but to also communicate and get messages from spirit. Although many psychics are also mediums (myself included), not all psychics are. That is to say not all psychics are open to communicating with the deceased, or work on developing that ability. Some prefer to stick to Tarot, psychic readings or whatever type of divination they work within. However, if you are hoping to progress into mediumship, developing your psychic senses can give you a good foundation. You may even naturally start to tap into mediumship as you train your psychic senses (also known as clair senses). However, mediumship is a unique skill, one that usually requires additional training to master.

Training Your Psychic Senses!

The journey to developing your psychic ability is different for everyone. There are many paths that can lead to curiosity and a desire to explore these powers and develop them. Many people start awakening to their psychic senses when they try other practices, like meditation or energy healing, or work with various divination tools such as Tarot, Angel or Oracles cards, runes, crystals, etc. Some just encounter so much psychic phenomena or have so many correct intuitive insights that dismissing them as coincidences starts to seem ridiculous. Myself, I was able to sense spirits from a very young age and I was always intrigued by anything spiritual. I began practising astral projection and got my first Tarot deck at around age 14. Since then, I have spent decades exploring and learning many spiritual and psychic practices (too many to list!).

Trust the Process

When you embark on this path, although you will become proficient at using your gifts with time and practice, it’s important to remember that it’s not a race to the finish line. It’s a life-long journey filled with an abundance of beautiful mysteries to uncover along the way, and we are never done learning. Moreover, some of the biggest level-ups in terms of your progress will happen in the quiet moments, when you think you are not progressing at all!

As well as giving you the practical tools to learn how to read Tarot cards, The Tarot Guide will teach you how to tune in to your natural psychic ability. As part of any psychic training, I recommend connecting to at least one spirit guide early in your journey for protection and guidance. They will help to raise your consciousness to the higher frequency needed. Also remember to ground yourself, pay attention to your dreams and keep a journal handy for dreams and messages that may come through as you develop psychic abilities. Having access to a community of likeminded souls can also really help you on your path, so consider checking out your local psychic circles or joining an online psychic group.

Above all, trust the process. Accept that things will ebb and flow and allow your spirit team to guide you. And yes, you do have a spirit team. They have already been assigned to you whether you know it yet or not!

Enjoy the journey!

Psychic Development Menu

Below are the beginner lessons to get you started on tapping into your psychic abilities, with more to be added as time goes on: