Covid-19: Maintaining Your Inner Balance

Covid-19 Maintaining Your Inner Balance from The Tarot Guide. Image depicts a woman relaxing in a bubble bath

With so much negativity and fear doing the rounds about Covid-19, many of you may be understandably anxious about what this pandemic may bring. Here in the Republic of Ireland, we are in the containment phase. Schools, universities, childcare facilities and tourist attractions are closed and we are being asked to stay home and avoid unnecessary social interactions (where possible) but we are not on lock-down as of yet.

Some of you may already be on lock-down, you may have been advised to stay home or you may just want to stay home to avoid exposure. At a time like this, it is very easy to succumb to fear and anxiety (especially if you are housebound) but it’s important to maintain as much positive energy as we can. So, with that in mind, here are my top 12 tips on how you can keep your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual balance, avoid cabin fever and find positive energy even in troubled times.

1) Keep It In Perspective:

It’s natural to feel anxious with so many negative stories out there and you may not be able to completely stop negative thoughts from entering your mind. However, you do control whether or not you allow that first anxious thought to lead onto the next and the next and so on. If you find yourself falling into negative thinking, take a deep breath and bring yourself back into the present by picking three things you are grateful for right now. Follow the official advice for keeping yourself and your loved ones safe and be sensible but don’t panic. Remember, the vast majority of people who do get infected with this virus will survive and many may have such mild symptoms they won’t even realise they’ve had it.

2) Deepen Your Self-Care:

Upon hearing about this global pandemic, your first thought probably wasn’t “Yay! Some ME time”. However, if you are usually stressed, on-the-go constantly or struggle to make time for yourself, taking this moment as a chance to slow down and recharge your batteries could see you coming out of it with more energy than you had to begin with. Check-in with yourself, practice self-care, catch up on your sleep, have a relaxing bath, meditate and listen to what your mind, body and soul need at this time.

3) Stick To A Routine:

As anyone who works from home regularly will tell you, having a routine when you are at home for long periods is essential. It will keep you motivated, help fill your time, stop one day from endlessly blending into the next and avoid cabin fever. So, if you normally wake up, have a shower, get dressed and have breakfast, continue to do so. Plan a schedule of daily activities to nourish your mind, body and soul that will carry you through the current upheavals.

4) Get Some Fresh Air:

If it’s possible for you to venture out and safe to do so, get outside and go for a walk (remember to maintain a safe distance and avoid crowds). If you have a quiet park or nature spot nearby, use it. If you are on lock-down but have some access to outside space, such as a garden or balcony, try to get outside at least once a day. Walk around the garden, tend to your plants, feed the birds, sit in the grass or have breakfast on the balcony. Just being outside and connected to nature will be good for you.

5) Exercise:

Another thing that will boost your mood is to get moving! You could do yoga or a HIIT session at home or even just dance around your living room (if you have kids, let them join in! It will help them to burn off excess energy while creating a fun memory). If you need inspiration, YouTube is full of quick and easy exercise routines.

6) Eat Well:

When we’re stuck indoors, we may find ourselves reaching for unhealthy snacks and junk food but this will only make you feel lethargic, bloated and possibly a bit depressed. Try to eat healthy and nutritious meals and stay hydrated. If you have time to fill, throw on your chef’s hat and get creative in the kitchen. You will boost your mood as well as your immune system. If you have kids, teach them how to make some simple home-made treats.

7) Be Mindful Of Your Use Of Technology:

For your safety, it may be important to keep up-to-date with the latest advice by watching the news. However, if you are spending 24/7 watching doom and gloom news reports or social media posts, you may be doing your mental health more harm than good. Consider setting a limit of how much time you spend looking at social media or limiting your news coverage to watching one main bulletin a day.

8) Stay Connected To Those You Love:

In a situation like this, modern technology can be a huge advantage! If you live alone or you need to stay physically separated from friends or certain family members, you can still use it to talk to them. Skype with your friends and have a long chat, call your elderly relatives and check on them. If you live with your loved ones, put the phones, tablets and laptops away and catch up with them. Be present, talk, laugh, play board-games, build something together; take the opportunity to spend quality time together!

9) Heal:

If you are a Reiki Healer, Magnified Healer or any other sort of energy healer, this is a great time to deepen your self-practice as it will help to calm any worries you may be feeling and will boost your immune system. Likewise, if you know anyone who is ill or high-risk for infection, you could send distance healing to them or if you are just saddened by suffering in the world, send healing out to the world with the intention that it will go wherever it is needed.

10) Connect To Your Guides:

Our spirit guides are always with us and the more we build our connection to them, the easier it becomes for them to communicate with us and support us. If you don’t already, set aside some time each day to sit, slow your breathing and open yourself up to any guidance they wish to give you. Don’t overthink it, just be open. Keep a journal close by and afterwards write down any information, impressions or feelings you got while doing this.

11) Deepen Your Knowledge:

Got a new Tarot deck you haven’t gotten used to yet? Start practising with it! Don’t know how to read reversed cards? Now is a good time to learn! Still haven’t finished that Psychic Development book you were reading? Get reading! You have time on your hands, put it to good use by expanding your knowledge. You could also try painting, drawing, crafts, teaching yourself a new language or musical instrument, watching that TV boxset you never had time to watch, cooking, reorganising your clothes, reading a good book or writing a book, poetry or songs…there are so many choices! You will only be bored if you allow yourself to be.

12) Daily Affirmations:

Especially in dark times, it is crucial that we keep ourselves on a positive energetic frequency and daily affirmations are a great way to do that. If you are worried that you may catch this virus, do daily health affirmations (e.g. “My body is healthy and strong and easily clears illnesses and infections”). If you are worried about the financial impact of this situation, do daily affirmations that reinforce the financial abundance in your life (e.g. “I am financially abundant and money flows easily into my life”). By doing daily affirmations, you are focusing on what you want instead of worrying about the things you don’t want. This will not only help you to feel more positive and balanced but will also help you to attract the positive outcome you want!

Above all, stay safe, stay calm and know that you are not alone. We are all in this together and we will get through it!


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