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Tarot notes- keeping a record of your Tarot readings from The Tarot Guide. Image depicts a woman sitting at a white wooden table with a pen in her hand writing a note in a journal, a cup of coffee and a phone lay at the side of her journal.

Hello folks,

Sorry it’s been so long since my last post, we’ve had many exciting projects happening here at The Tarot Guide recently, it’s been all go! I wanted to take some time to talk about the importance of keeping a record of your Tarot readings, either those you do for yourself or readings you get from Tarot readers.

I was recently having a clear out of old documents and stumbled across notes from a Tarot reading I got years ago from Mrs Murray, an amazing and well-respected Tarot reader and medium. Some of my Dublin readers may remember or have had Tarot readings with Mrs Murray, she was based in Pimlico in Dublin. Mrs Murray was the first person I ever had a Tarot reading from, she was the first to tell me that I had a psychic gift and she encouraged me to get my first deck of Tarot cards. Sadly, she passed away in 2014, a great loss to everyone who knew her.

Anyway, as I said I found my notes from an old reading with her which I had misplaced and hadn’t looked at in years. So I read through them. Mrs Murray was always so incredibly accurate and this was no exception. In three pages of notes, everything that she told me would happen, did happen. She named the cities I’d travel to, jobs I’d have, gave me details of situations I’d find myself in and people I’d meet, the peaks and the pitfalls. This reading was done years before any of these events were even a possibility for me and years before I became a professional Tarot reader myself. Yet some of the advice she gave me is so relevant to my life today that when I found the notes I felt like she was giving me a little nudge of encouragement from the other side.

So I wanted to write this blog in memory of Mrs Murray, to thank her for guiding me to my path. And as a little word of advice to anyone reading this blog to keep a record of any Tarot reading you get. You don’t need to write notes during the reading, in fact that may distract you and the Tarot reader, but just after the reading take a few moments to sit down and write what you’ve been told. Keep the notes somewhere safe or write them in a journal and look back on them when you need to. This would also be helpful to those of you learning to read Tarot to keep track of the readings you do for yourself and how accurate they are. Sometimes things that are said in a Tarot reading may not mean much to us at the time but the information and guidance we receive may come back to us later, at a time when we need it.


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