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What is grounding?

To be grounded means to be present in your body, in this moment, right here on this planet. It means that you are centred and connected to who you are on a spiritual level. Grounding brings balance to the mind, body and soul. When you are grounded you are in touch with your true spiritual self and feel secure and stable. Grounding brings a sense of calmness and oneness with the Earth and everything in it. It allows you to feel present in your body, present in your life and able to maintain your balance no matter what is going on around you.

Grounding is especially important for empaths or those with psychic abilities as we can be quite susceptible to the energies and emotions of those around us and being ungrounded can have detrimental effects on us, especially if we remain ungrounded over a long period of time. Being ungrounded can even leave us vulnerable to illness as we may become overwhelmed by the bombardment of other people’s energies or emotions, manifesting in symptoms of illness. Likewise, for healers it is essential to remain grounded when we heal others as inability to ground ourselves can lead to us being thrown out of balance by those who come to us for healing.  

10 Benefits of Being Grounded from Grounding, reiki, psychic development, empath, psychic, base chakra, root chakra, energy healing, tarot, tarot reading, psychic medium, Tarot Reading Dublin, Psychic Readings Dublin, Tarot Dublin

10 Benefits of Being Grounded

  1. Makes us present in the moment & in our bodies
  2. Brings a sense of inner peace, quietness & calmness
  3. Brings harmony & balance
  4. Helps with mental clarity & focus 
  5. Helps release negative energy
  6. Brings forth positive energy
  7. Makes us feel connected to the Earth & our spiritual path
  8. Reduces sleep disturbances
  9. Improves the immune system
  10. Helps with chronic pain
10 Signs That You Are Not Grounded from Grounding, reiki, psychic development, empath, psychic, base chakra, root chakra, energy healing, tarot, tarot reading, psychic medium, Tarot Reading Dublin, Psychic Readings Dublin

10 Signs you are not Grounded

  1. Feeling light-headed, dizzy or spaced out
  2. Daydreaming constantly, lack of mental clarity/focus
  3. Feeling jumpy and hyper-stimulated
  4. Feeling hypersensitive to sound or light
  5. Lack of energy, feeling worn out or constantly tired
  6. Forgetfulness, getting lost or misplacing things frequently
  7. Clumsiness or being accident prone
  8. Excessive consumption of alcohol, food or drugs
  9. Having lower back pain or problems with legs or feet
  10. Being paranoid, distrusting or overly materialist

Grounding exercises

The Grounding Tree

Sit in a chair or on the side of your bed with your feet touching the ground/floor. Bare feet are best for this exercise and doing it outdoors works really well but it will still work if you have shoes on and are indoors. Take a few deep cleansing breaths before you begin.

Now imagine a big, strong, healthy tree. Visualise the trunk of the tree. The trunk is large, sturdy, unshakeable and full of knowledge and wisdom. Next, visualise the branches of the tree. They are strong yet they can move with the blowing of the wind as they are flexible. The very top of the tree is bathed in sunlight and full of new bright green leaves that are growing, representing new ideas and new possibilities. Now be aware of your feet as you visualise yourself as the tree. Your feet are the roots of the tree that connect you to the earth. Your legs are the trunk, sturdy and unshakeable, providing you with stability. Your upper torso and arms are the branches strong but flexible. Your head is like the top of the tree, bathed in light and full of new ideas. Now visualise the tree roots sprouting from the soles of your feet and expanding deep down into the earth and spreading out, connecting deeper and holding on tighter to the earth. Feel the connection to the Earth as it centres and grounds you. As the roots go deeper, feel them release any stress, anxiety or negative energy you may be holding onto back into the Earth where it can be transformed. Once you have released that back to the Earth, visualise light energy being pulled from deep within the earth, up through the roots, up through the soles of your feet, up through your legs into your root chakra (the groin area). Allow this light energy to gather there, keep pulling up more and more energy up into that area and allow it to gather there until it fills the entire root chakra area. Set the intention that the energy you have drawn to you will be used by your root chakra as and when it is needed. Now you’re grounded!

Top tip: This exercise is best done first thing in the morning to ground you for the day. Do it every day and it will become as automatic as putting your feet to the floor.

Some other quick and simple grounding ideas

  • Go for a walk barefoot in the grass
  • Walk along the beach, wade in the water and feel the wet sand beneath your feet
  • Sit by the ocean or a river and listen to the sound of the water
  • Lie in the grass and let the sunshine warm you
  • Lie in the grass outside and look at the clouds
  • Birdwatch or sit outside and listen to the birds sing
  • Go to the park and just sit outside and breathe in the fresh air
  • Turn off your phone, TV etc. and just enjoy the peace and quiet
  • Eat something you enjoy and focus on the flavours you can taste
  • Do some gardening
  • Meditate
  • Do yoga
  • Take a dance class
  • Exercise or play sports