Astral Projection

What is astral projection?

Astral projection is the process of projecting one’s spirit/astral body out of one’s physical body, inducing a controlled out of body experience. It is a form of soul or spirit travel. Most people’s spirits travel many times a night. However, any memory of this travel usually gets mixed up with dreams and most people don’t realise they’ve travelled at all.

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Have you ever been asleep, had the sudden sensation that you were falling and awoken with a jolt only to find that you were in no danger of falling at all? That is a sign of spirit travel, the inertia of your spirit dropping back into your physical body causes the sensation of falling. Astral projection is a controlled form of spirit travel where the person purposely projects their astral body out of their physical body while in a meditative state so they can control and recall the experience.  

So how do you do it? The following is the most effective method of achieving astral projection that I have found but there are a few methods around. As with everything, take what works for you and find a method you feel comfortable with:

Tips before you start:

Health/ Energy:

You shouldn’t attempt astral projection if you are tired, run down or rushed. It is more likely to work the more relaxed you feel. Illnesses or physical pain can also make astral travel difficult as it is hard to project when physical pain keeps drawing you back into your physical body so best to wait until you are feeling well.


You will need to find a place to practice. You cannot die from astral projection in itself. It differs from a near death experience in this regard as your soul is still connected to your physical body at all times during astral projection. However, your physical body is just as susceptible to death during astral projection as it normally is, so make sure you are in a safe and secure place when you do it. For instance, if you light candles make sure they are not in danger of falling over and are far away from any flammable objects. Remember, no matter how far you travel you will be able to drop back into your body in a split second if you need to so don’t worry. Your location should also be somewhere you will not be interrupted, turn off your phone and tell your family/housemates not to disturb you. Make sure the room is at a pleasant temperature, not too hot or cold.


I personally find music very helpful for achieving the correct state for astral projection. It should be relaxing music or music that makes you feel like flying. Make sure there are no hidden surprises on the track, such as a sudden change in tempo or volume, as this could startle you just as you are achieving astral projection and bring you back to the physical with a nasty jolt.

Get comfortable and relax:

This is crucial to achieving astral projection. Lie on your bed or sofa or wherever you feel most relaxed. Get your comfy cushions. Make sure you feel cosy but not restricted. It’s a good idea to write down a list of any tasks you may have forgotten to do or things you have on your mind before you start and commit to doing them later. This will stop your mind from getting side-tracked when you are trying to project.

During the projection:

The most important element to achieving projection is to go with the flow of whatever happens. Don’t overthink it, you can dissect the experience later on if you want but during the projection just go along with it as much as you can. During the projection you may feel like your whole body is vibrating, this is a sign that your astral body is trying to project out. If this happens allow the vibration to continue don’t try to force your astral body out of the physical, it will happen on its own. If you force it, you may lose the projection state. You may also see colours as colour is the first language of the astral and a sign that you are achieving the correct state. Allow them to form in front of you if they appear and see if they lead anywhere.

Ok so, follow the steps listed for the method:

Steps for astral projection:

  1. When everything is ready and in place, lie down and close your eyes.
  2. Relax your body. Gently squeeze and release your muscles starting with your toes and working upwards to your legs, hands, arms etc. to release any tension you are holding. Release any tension around your jaw, your eyes and your forehead. 
  3. Get your breathing in a 4-2-4 rhythm i.e. breathe in for 4 counts, hold for 2 and release for 4. Do this at least 5 times. 
  4. Close your eyes and picture the ceiling above you in your mind’s eye.
  5. When you feel completely relaxed, start to feel  yourself gently floating up towards the ceiling. Don’t try to force it, just know that you are lighter than air and you are gently floating up to it as far as you can manage.
  6. Once you have floated to a level you feel comfortable with, you can slowly float back down again and leave the rest for another day or you can try looking back down at your body. Do whatever you feel comfortable with, if you are not ready to see your physical body just float back down into it.
  7. If you’ve floated out and seen your body and you are ready to go further, you can. You can go wherever you want! Again, do whatever you feel comfortable with. If you want to stay in the room you can. If you want to go down the street you can. You can even go to another country! It really is up to you to stay at a level you are comfortable with. You don’t need to push yourself too far if you are not ready, as you can always go further on your next projection.
  8. When you want to go back just float back to your body. You will be connected to your physical body with an unbreakable silver cord. You can follow that back no matter how far you’ve gone. Gently float back into your body and when you are ready open your eyes.

Don’t worry if it takes you many attempts to leave the physical body. If you are finding it difficult, just focus on achieving one step at a time. Work on getting into the relaxed state and next time try floating to the ceiling and back down again and so on. Patience and practice are crucial here.

Happy travels!